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So by their fruits you will get knowledge of them.

   My name is Anatoly (Toni). I am the programmer & developer & administrator of the trade information system - this is a dynamic web site with complex internal structure and built-in search engine. The website content can be changed through the administrator control panel (web interface) and the users` control panels (web interface). The website is created with PHP and MySQL.

I carry out the whole complex of works, associated with the online advertising of goods and services, namely:
production of a turnkey website
SEO of the website (landing pages optimization)
configuration and maintenance of Google AdWords advertising campaigns (search advertising)
`Configuration and maintenance of Google AdWords advertising campaigns` means:
- the choice of the most suitable group of products (services) for the advertising campaign;
- the choice of relevant keywords, which initiate the display of the advertisements;
- making up of relevant advertisements;
- landing pages optimization (to increase the visibility of the website in a search engine`s unpaid results);
- adjustment and optimization in the course of advertising campaign of all elements of the chain:
`advertised product (service)` > `keywords` > `advertisements` > `landing page content`.
I also render the single services:
- web design;
- web programming (PHP, MySQL);
- campaigns for website promotion (SEO, Google AdWords);
- development and construction of turnkey websites, including
-- dynamic web sites and sites with complex internal structure;
-- sites with built-in search engine;
-- sites with individual non-standard Content Management Systems (CMS).
Skype : arbexim
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